Clear blue water in Paxoi

Capturing Greece

Fourteen images of gorgeous islands with clear blue water combined with the tradition and history of Greece. A little bit of modern life could not be missing from this feature of the Mediterranean country which is still struggling with the consequences of the financial crisis and is marked by the deaths on its coast caused by the European migration policy.

Please touch, Intimicy exhibition in Dublin

Dublin day II: Horses, Brazen Head and Leech

The second day in Dublin was also quite nice, containing mostly arts and beer. A rather nice combination for the cold weather that one will find at the end of October when visiting the Irish capital, Dublin.

National Leprechaun Museum

Dublin, day I: Leprechauns, James Joyce and Halloween

I have decided to visit Dublin at the end of October, without having in mind that this is the Halloween period, a tradition originally coming from Ireland. Shops are fully decorated, people are dressed up and I am wandering around, hearing stories about Leprechauns and James Joyce.